Global competition has forced business to be cost competitive. Energy cost is also drawing more attention for optimization so that business can be competitive. The cost of generation of electricity is going up and is not under the control of the consumer who pays for it.

Energy conservation offers one of the few remaining areas of cost-cutting potential, and the potential is great. Sharing this vision, concept, enthusiasm and pioneering spirit  co-founded ASMITA MARKETING.

Team EffortTeam Effort

In year 2003, the beginning of 21st century, Mr. Ravindra Dixit, Mrs. Anagha Dixit, began a venture with support of other team members …ASMITA MARKETING

The area of operation immediately identified was Energy Conservation Products and Services. The new company soon took root and extended its realm of operations. And today, Asmita Marketing as a company has progressed multifold.


A fast growing company, ASMITA MARKETING has its Corporate Office at Pune covering  India having channel partners at  Delhi, Bangalore,Chennai,Kolkatta, Indore and Ahmendabd.

All of us better than one of us…
We are independent in our thinking and interdependent in our operations. Collectively we march towards success.

Products and ServicesProducts and Services

Asmita marketing is focusing on Compressed air. Principally we deliver the solution and not the product. Focus is Energy conservation and safety. This has widened our base of product and services. We aim to offer total turnkey solution to our customer in near future. Our range of products will revolutionize the working environment and Energy conservation means.

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